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  •  Bar Mitzvah   •  4 Venue Ideas for a Mitzvah Celebration

4 Venue Ideas for a Mitzvah Celebration

Places to Consider For a Fun and Exciting Mitzvah Reception

Bar mitzvah is a rite of passage in every Jewish child’s life where they realize their role as an adult in the society. They leave their childhood behind and enter adulthood. Bar mitzvah is a traditional and sacred event; however, it does not mean it can’t be celebrated in fun and exciting ways. After all, it’s the start of new journey for your child, and letting them choose something fun would be a nice way to welcome your kid in adult world.   

Location plays an important part in setting the tone of any event, and the place you choose will hold a great value for your child forever. Here are some places where you can have the bar mitzvah reception while keeping all the fun intact.  

  • Hotels  

Hotels are best when it comes to having a properly organized bar mitzvah without any hassle and worries of things going wrong, reason being the catering provided by the hotel and availability of staff to take care of everything. This will help you if you do not want to spend too much time searching for good catering as hotel management will takes care of the food as well as ambiance.  

Hotels prove to be a convenient venue choice if you have family members attending the function from another city, as you can easily reserve a room for them there without having to worry about transportation and lodging.    

  • Synagogues and temples  

It is among the most common choices among orthodox Jewish families as it gives them a sense of closeness to their faith. Synagogues are best for hosting kosher ceremonies followed by receptions right over there. This also makes it easy for your guests, as they won’t have to travel somewhere else to do the celebratory part of the bar mitzvah occasion. Guest would easily move from one room to another without worrying about any inconvenience. A smooth sailing bar mitzvah it would be! 

  • Clubs and disco lounges 

As kids, we all have wished to be granted an entry into a cool club with neon lights and DJ playing and this still has not changed for today’s kids either. Having a bar mitzvah in a club or a disco lounge might seem quite unorthodox, but time is all about change and making the most of the moment.   

So, what better way to make your child happy by surprising them with a reception organized in a club with cool and colorful drinks for kids, food and music and of course, the lights? There are many clubs, which allow people to rent them for a day with all the decorations and catering provided by them.  

  • Old mansions and historic locations 

It is about adding an exciting twist. After all, having a bar mitzvah reception in a historic place or a mansion would give a grand vibe to the gathering, with many things to catch people’s attention throughout the event. It will have a medieval charm to it – all those aesthetics and grandiose. Moreover, it will be great for the kids, as they will get to learn about the place’s history in an enjoyable way.  

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