Originally from New York, Laurie’s flair for fashion began in her teenage years, when she started working part time at a high-end clothing and dress boutique in her local mall. In the very early 1990’s, she started working for a leading bridal dress and headpiece manufacturer. Laurie worked her way up and was soon traveling all over the United States as a Trunk Show Coordinator, training store owners, and their employees how to properly sell wedding gowns, to educate their customers and to help listen to what the consumer wanted and bring that back to the company.

July 2017 is my 22nd Anniversary….
‘I loved every single thing about our wedding! I still look at my wedding pictures and LOVE LOVE LOVE my custom made wedding gown and yes, I still love my groom too!’ Laurie tells all of her customers to be true to themselves when they are shopping for their bridal gown.

Laurie wants all of her customers to have fun. With a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by gorgeous dresses, it’s not difficult to find that dress of your dreams here. Bridal appointments are private and exclusive and you get to work with Laurie, herself! Being a hands on owner, Laurie definitely brings the fun back into dress shopping!


Laurie worked with National and International retailers at the National Bridal Market in several regions. It was at one of these markets where she “accidentally” met her future in-laws, who were/are also in the bridal industry as Sales Representatives. Their son was and still is, in the bridal industry, also as a Sales Representative. After meeting him at one of the National Bridal Markets, Laurie quit her job and moved to another state and joined forces to become one of the top producing sales representatives in their territory. Their reputation and passion for this industry helped them lead several manufacturers whom they represented, to win several DEBI Awards. (Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry) as well as winning one for themselves, as “Salesmen of the Year.”

Over the years, while raising their children, Laurie’s love for bridal never disappeared. She still traveled and worked the National Bridal Markets with her husband and knew that the time would soon come for her to make a decision that would change their lives forever…..the opening of Laurie’s Bridal and Formal.


With over 25 years of bridal expertise, Laurie brings her knowledge and experience to work directly with you.

…Laurie brings the fun back into dress shopping.