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Bar Mitzvah – A Memorable Start

Bar mitzvah is a milestone that marks the entry of your child crosses to enter into adulthood. It is one of the most important moments, a rite of passage that turns them into an adult and gives them a chance to understand religion better and become a better member of the society. Here is how as a parent, you can make sure your child’s bar mitzvah is organized in a way that it becomes memorable for your child forever.

Start preparing early

Since you must make this event the most memorable one in your child’s life, start planning at least a year before the d-day. Set aside a budget so you do not face any discrepancies at the last minute. Book the photographer early. Choose the venue, and plan the meal keeping your culture and values in mind. This will give the bar mitzvah a rich touch and let your child understand his ancestor’s culture in a better way. Moreover, if all this seems too much for you, you can always hire an event planner to help you with the process.

The important little things

Guest list should include all those people who your child thinks are an important part of his life. Invite all his friends, teachers, coach and mentor – everyone who’s playing a role in building his foundation up till now and helping him be  the man he is about to become. Do not send only invitation cards, but also place a thank you note in each invitation, to acknowledge their contributions in your child’s life. Moreover, as for the synagogue or the place you have chosen for the reception, have personalized napkins placed on each table to personally welcome each guest.

Let your child help you with the planning

This day is the most important day in your child’s life. Your kid is growing up, and being welcomed into the society as an adult. And no one can help you at deciding the ceremony better than your kid. Ask them to assist you in the planning so you can incorporate their likes into it and make it happen the way they want it. Let them decide the little details. This will give them a taste of responsibility and adulthood right from the beginning.

Add a memorable trip

It must not be on your list, but you can always consider taking a different route. You can plan a trip with your child and few close family members to the Holy Land – Israel. There seems no better way to have one’s life most important religious moment than having it at where it all stem from. You can have a small ceremony back at home, and use the other portion of your budget to have this trip.

Many people say that when they seem themselves landing in Israel, they feel like they are finally coming home. You can have the ceremony wherever you want, but if you can add this trip to the plan itinerary, it will surely make it one of the most memorable moments of your child’s life. Moreover, while you are there, you can make sure they get to see the most of the culture and tradition to understand their role in the society in a better way.

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