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Bridal Tips- From Head to Toe

The wedding day beauty regime should be started prior to the wedding day! It is crucial to make sure that before you are getting ready on the day of your wedding, you have a set beauty routine. These bridal tips will ensure you with the best wedding ever!  


Getting the perfect hairdo on your wedding day requires effort and love. You need to make sure you are repairing your hair from the roots to the tips. A diet full of Vitamin B will allow you to get a natural shine in your hair. Add foods like eggs, nuts, and fish to your diet as well for a head start. Indulge yourself in deep conditioning treatments and do some home remedies. Get a trim if you hair seems dead from the bottom! 


There are many products that claim to give you the best skin, but there are a few things you must keep in mind. Dermatologists can help those who are trying to fight acne by recommending medicated creams or pills. Seeing a dermatologist approximately 6 months before the wedding is good. If you want your dull complexion to brighten, you can go for a series of facials. However, the best thing is to drink lots of water!  


Dark circles and puffiness are a common problem. Since this is a sensitive area, make sure you are taking good and gentle care of it. An application of eye cream at night with a good amount of sleep should do its magic. 


There will be a kiss at the end of the ceremony so make sure you are taking care of your lips. Purchase a Vitamin E lip balm that will prevent any cracks or creases in your lips. Try to exfoliate as much as possible. A wet toothbrush with warm water can make your lips soft. Gently go back and forth on your lips for plump, pink lips.  


Most bridal dresses tend to show off the neck area therefore, it is important to make sure your neck looks presentable. The neck skin is gentle so you need to make sure you take special care of it. Exfoliate it gently every single day and apply moisturizer.  


Did you know it is possible to get in shape without having to walk a mile or lifting weights? Amp up your diet with vitamins because they tend to have numerous benefits. You will need to exfoliate your entire body so it looks toned, soft, and youthful on your wedding day. 

Legs & Feet 

Although, your legs may be covered, you need to make sure they are shaved and taken care of. Apply a rich moisturizer to your legs for soft skin. For your feet you need to make sure you are getting a pedicure. Your feet need to look just as good as the rest of your body. Apply thick moisturizer on your feet and slip on some socks before you sleep at night! 

Beauty Regime 

It is important for all brides to follow these bridal tips to ensure the best outlook on the day of their wedding. As hard as it may be, try staying calm! 

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