Picking out The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is one of the biggest nights of high school. It is the time of the year when every girl wants to shine and own the night. With all the expectations placed upon her, choosing the perfect prom dress can be challenging. Therefore, it is important that every girl get the best prom dress. Keeping a few tips in mind while choosing the dress, could help any girl slay the night.


Every girl has an idea of what kind of prom dress she would want to wear. However, if you do not, then you need to get inspired. Take a look at red carpet events, social media, and magazines. Online quizzes can help you figure out what dress you should get.

The Perfect Length

Since it is 2017, there is no specific dress length that is “in.” the choice is completely up to you of what length you would want to rock. Whether it is a long ball gown or a sequin mini dress, remember to choose something that makes you feel comfortable. However, keep in mind that if you want to stand out; you need to think out of the box. A short dress is going to be a typical look, try choosing something that would be unique.

The Dress that Suits Your Body Type

Keep in mind, the prom dress that you choose has to be flattering to the shape of your body.

  • Short figure: A dress that is at your knee or calm will not take over the image of your small frame. Opt for a dress that does not have too many details and is a solid color.
  • Slender figure: You need to find a dress that will make you look curvy. Detailed bodice dresses will allow you to have a fuller chest. You have the freedom to experiment with lengths, patterns, and colors.
  • Triangle figure: A long body piece with a flow-ey skirt is what you are looking for. This way your hip will be camouflaged. Try going for cinched wrist sleeves or cap sleeves so it balances the look of the dress.
  • Hourglass figure: Lucky girl! With this body shape, all dresses can be worn beautifully.

Choose Flattering Colors

There are certain colors that complement your skin tone and it is important to choose the right ones.

  • Fair: Colors such as light pink or blue work well for you. Opt for bright pastels, or shades of sapphire and ruby.
  • Medium: Choose peach, pink, or soft pastel shades. If you want a dark color, opt for lavender, plum, or blue.
  • Dark: Colors such as champagne, ivory or gold are what you need to search for. If you want to stand out, go for bright colors such as red or orange.


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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Just like foreground is incomplete without background, similarly, a bride is incomplete without her bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids draw a perfect picture for you so you can walk right in front of it, all dolled up in your beautiful white dress. You have chosen them to be your bridesmaids because you know they are an important part of your life and you would want them all by your side when you say, “I do”.  Now what would be a more perfect way to thank your bridesmaid for their valuable presence other than making sure they are dressed to perfection?

We have heard many stories and watched many movies where the bridesmaids are never happy with their dresses. So much that it has become conditioned into our minds to think that something will always go wrong with the bridesmaid’s dress. To crush that stereotype and of course, to make sure your bridesmaid remains content with what you chose for her, here are some tips you, as a bride, should keep in mind.

§  It’s not necessary to make an obvious color match

You do not want your bridesmaid to look back at the wedding photos and curse you for making them look uncoordinated and misfit in the whole picture. When picking their dresses, make sure to incorporate some element of your wedding theme in their dresses, even if you are not going for the obvious color match. Like we said it earlier, your bridesmaids complete the picture on your big day.

§  Consider their individual style

Selecting a single color and same fit for all is a very common and the easiest approach when it comes to choosing the dresses for your bridesmaids. Even if it is your day, you still have to consider the individual style of each of your bridesmaids, you have to consider their choice of necklines, hem lengths, sleeve design etc., so they can maintain their own unique charm.

§  You can always consider going for contrasting colors

Your bridesmaid would probably not mind if you decide to make them outstand. Contrasting colors allow you to make a bold statement. Gold with white, navy blue with white, magenta with pastel green – choices are many.  This way, there will be no color clash, and it will give a wider scope to the whole scenario.

§  Set an affordable budget beforehand

Typically, the bride pays for the bridesmaid’s dress, as a token of gratitude. However, if you are not following that trend then have a discussion before going to shop for the dresses. Set a budget that suits everyone so no one feels left out in anyway.

§  Have a fitting session a week before the wedding

Do not leave anything for the last minute – this is the first rule of having a perfect wedding. Even if you checked the dress fitting at the time you purchased them, ask your girls to check them again a week ago. It is quite common for bride and the bridesmaid to eat more under wedding stress and gain extra weight. So, have the dressed checked for fitting once again and if any alterations need to be made, get an appointments to a seamstress so you will have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

Guide for Buying Prom Dress According To Your Skin Tone

Buying a prom dress is among one of the most awaited moments in a girl’s life. Getting to try on so many colors and designs can automatically bring a wide smile on any girl’s face. Prom is a much anticipated event and dressing right for it is very important. After all, you get to have only one prom in a lifetime, so to make sure you get the right dress right to complement your complexion, here are the guidelines to buy a prom dress that would suit your skin tone the most.


People with summer skin tone have a lesser contrast between their skin color and their hair color. They have hair lighter than brown shade, with an overall ashy look, no matter your skin tone. Your skin has red, pink or blue undertones. Summer skin tones and hair shades are softer than those of winter.

For a person with summer skin tone, a monochromatic color scheme would work perfectly for prom dress. Do not go for too much contrasting. Neutral colors like pale pink, lilac, pastel green, and pale blue would go well with the red undertones of your skin. Softer colors would compliment your skin tone.


People with winter tones have an intense overall look, with more contrast, darker hair, pale skin and light colored eyes. Like a Greek God maybe. You can see depth in their facial toning, with pink, red and bluish undertones. Therefore, if you have winter skin tone, you should choose your prom dress in blue, ruby, dark pink or any other sharp color. Navy blue, white, black, and silver would compliment your skin tone the most. This skin tone would go well with high contrasting colors. Earthy tones and subdued colors will not suit your complexion. These colors will make you look dull. So, avoid getting a dress in these colors or undertones.


It is one of the two warm skin tones. Spring skin tones have warmer undertones, such as yellow, gold and orange. People with spring skin tone have low contrast between their skin color and hair, and generally have light colored eyes. Overall, their complexion looks clear and a bit pale. If you have rosy cheeks, straw shaded hair, freckles, and warm colored eyes, you have a spring skin tone. For this complexion, a prom dress with peachy, orange or gold undertones would be perfect. Maroon would also do justice to your skin tone. Imagine Taylor swift, or Emma stone for better visualization.


The difference between these two warm skin tones is that spring tones are much on the yellowish side, whereas autumn skin tones have more prominent golden undertones. They usually have chestnut brown, strawberry red or auburn hair. There is less contrast between their hair color and skin tone as compared to winter and summer. Autumn skin tones are warm, deep and soft. Caramel, beige, tomato red, coffee – these all are warm hues associated with autumn tones.

People with autumn skin tones should go for a prom dress in olive, red, yellow, moss or emerald color. If you want a metallic dress, gold, bronze and copper would compliment you well. Avoid dresses with shades of blues, silver or whites.Also, avoid choosing a dress in black, as bright and sharp colors will make your skin complexion look pale and not in a good way.