A Few Tips to Dancing at Your Wedding

Yes, you might feel terrified at the very thought of dancing publically in front of all your friends and family. Who wants to look stupid on the dance floor? But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with these tips to keep in mind.

Choose a song that’s easy to dance to

Look for a song whose beat is clear enough to dance to easily. Whether you choose an old classic or a contemporary song, you need to be comfortable with its beat. Find a song that both of you are familiar with, and which is easy for you to fall in rhythm with. Oh, and while you’re choosing a song, make sure it doesn’t have any inappropriate lyrics or hidden meanings! A lot of songs may sound romantic, but have some dirty undertones!

Make sure it’s a dance both of you can do

It’s possible that one person is a better dancer than the other, in which case the better dancer is going to have to make some allowances and come down to the level of the less capable one. You don’t want to force your partner into learning a dance that’s too complicated for them, only to have them blank on the floor. Go for easy little steps.

Hold a good dance position and don’t sway

Practice beforehand so you know how to hold a proper dance position that allows you to feel connected to your partner when you dance. Plus, it’ll stop you from looking down at your feet, and allow you to have eye contact with your partner. This should also enable you to look great in the photos since you won’t look worried about stepping on your partner’s toes. And don’t sway! That’s just going to give you a very high school look.

Only dance for three minutes

Make sure the dance is under three minutes in order to prevent your guests from getting bored. They want to join in the fun too, so finish your dance within an appropriate amount of time and open up the dance floor to everyone.

Be confident and have fun

Enter the dance floor with confidence. You may not be the best dancer, but it’s still your special day! All eyes are going to be on you, and little missteps you make will probably be laughed off in the spirit of the occasion. The important thing is to stand tall, keep your head up and step confidently to the floor. Let the music play for a few seconds to get you in the zone, and then go for it!

And remember to have fun. The stress that comes with dancing in front of a load of people can make it easy to forget that this part is supposed to be enjoyable and memorable. Enjoy the dance, smile at your partner, and forget about how worthy of a video the dance might be. Lean into the moment and focus on having a good time. The genuine smiles on your faces alone will make it worth It in the end, since they’ll make for the best pictures.

Picking out The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is one of the biggest nights of high school. It is the time of the year when every girl wants to shine and own the night. With all the expectations placed upon her, choosing the perfect prom dress can be challenging. Therefore, it is important that every girl get the best prom dress. Keeping a few tips in mind while choosing the dress, could help any girl slay the night.


Every girl has an idea of what kind of prom dress she would want to wear. However, if you do not, then you need to get inspired. Take a look at red carpet events, social media, and magazines. Online quizzes can help you figure out what dress you should get.

The Perfect Length

Since it is 2017, there is no specific dress length that is “in.” the choice is completely up to you of what length you would want to rock. Whether it is a long ball gown or a sequin mini dress, remember to choose something that makes you feel comfortable. However, keep in mind that if you want to stand out; you need to think out of the box. A short dress is going to be a typical look, try choosing something that would be unique.

The Dress that Suits Your Body Type

Keep in mind, the prom dress that you choose has to be flattering to the shape of your body.

  • Short figure: A dress that is at your knee or calm will not take over the image of your small frame. Opt for a dress that does not have too many details and is a solid color.
  • Slender figure: You need to find a dress that will make you look curvy. Detailed bodice dresses will allow you to have a fuller chest. You have the freedom to experiment with lengths, patterns, and colors.
  • Triangle figure: A long body piece with a flow-ey skirt is what you are looking for. This way your hip will be camouflaged. Try going for cinched wrist sleeves or cap sleeves so it balances the look of the dress.
  • Hourglass figure: Lucky girl! With this body shape, all dresses can be worn beautifully.

Choose Flattering Colors

There are certain colors that complement your skin tone and it is important to choose the right ones.

  • Fair: Colors such as light pink or blue work well for you. Opt for bright pastels, or shades of sapphire and ruby.
  • Medium: Choose peach, pink, or soft pastel shades. If you want a dark color, opt for lavender, plum, or blue.
  • Dark: Colors such as champagne, ivory or gold are what you need to search for. If you want to stand out, go for bright colors such as red or orange.


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Reciting Wedding Vows like a Pro

When the time comes to recite your wedding vows, there is a chance you will start getting the public speaking fright. All eyes will be on your when you’re declaring your love and lifelong commitment to the partner. However, luckily, we have come up with a few strategies that will allow you to recite your wedding vows like a pro!

Practice, Practice and More Practice

If you have spent a good time in writing your vows, you will not want to look at them while you are reciting them to your partner, in front of all the people that are sitting. Therefore, to save yourself from this mishap, practice your wedding vows as many times as you want before the wedding. This is extremely helpful because this way you will be making eye contact with everyone and delivering it well to your partner.

Talking Clearly and Slowly

When reciting wedding vows, it is important to recite them clearly and slowly. Many times, people start talking fast because of nervousness. If you have the tendency to do so, make sure you acknowledge it while practicing so you can stop doing so. You have to make sure your partner can hear and understand everything you are saying and all the guests can hear you clearly as well.

Visualize Your Wedding Vows

This activity is helpful in order for you to see what you want the outcome to be like. Say your wedding vows in your head a couple of times and picture the outcome. Imagine your partner in front of you and say the vows, think about how your friends and family will be coming to you and congratulating you on your marriage. Visualizing a positive outcome will motivate your to prepare well for the big day.

Hear Yourself

Once you have written your wedding vows, make sure you are reading them aloud. Reciting your vows loudly for yourself will allow you to identify any errors. Once you are happy with how they are sounding aloud, you can practice in front of a close friend or a family member. This will not only boost your confidence, but you will also get another opinion on it.

Take Deep Breaths and Relax

If you are getting nervous before reciting the vows, it is important to take a deep breath so you can calm yourself. Although there will be many other people listening to your vows, they will only be directed to your partner; therefore, there is no reason to feel scared. In addition, if you say something different than what you had written, you can skip that part. Nobody knows what was written on the paper other than you, so there is no reason to freak out!


Now that you know how to recite your wedding vows like a pro, you can begin solving the other wedding issues!