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How to Choose a Prom Dress According To Different Skin Tones

Guide for Buying Prom Dress According To Your Skin Tone

Buying a prom dress is among one of the most awaited moments in a girl’s life. Getting to try on so many colors and designs can automatically bring a wide smile on any girl’s face. Prom is a much anticipated event and dressing right for it is very important. After all, you get to have only one prom in a lifetime, so to make sure you get the right dress right to complement your complexion, here are the guidelines to buy a prom dress that would suit your skin tone the most.


People with summer skin tone have a lesser contrast between their skin color and their hair color. They have hair lighter than brown shade, with an overall ashy look, no matter your skin tone. Your skin has red, pink or blue undertones. Summer skin tones and hair shades are softer than those of winter.

For a person with summer skin tone, a monochromatic color scheme would work perfectly for prom dress. Do not go for too much contrasting. Neutral colors like pale pink, lilac, pastel green, and pale blue would go well with the red undertones of your skin. Softer colors would compliment your skin tone.


People with winter tones have an intense overall look, with more contrast, darker hair, pale skin and light colored eyes. Like a Greek God maybe. You can see depth in their facial toning, with pink, red and bluish undertones. Therefore, if you have winter skin tone, you should choose your prom dress in blue, ruby, dark pink or any other sharp color. Navy blue, white, black, and silver would compliment your skin tone the most. This skin tone would go well with high contrasting colors. Earthy tones and subdued colors will not suit your complexion. These colors will make you look dull. So, avoid getting a dress in these colors or undertones.


It is one of the two warm skin tones. Spring skin tones have warmer undertones, such as yellow, gold and orange. People with spring skin tone have low contrast between their skin color and hair, and generally have light colored eyes. Overall, their complexion looks clear and a bit pale. If you have rosy cheeks, straw shaded hair, freckles, and warm colored eyes, you have a spring skin tone. For this complexion, a prom dress with peachy, orange or gold undertones would be perfect. Maroon would also do justice to your skin tone. Imagine Taylor swift, or Emma stone for better visualization.


The difference between these two warm skin tones is that spring tones are much on the yellowish side, whereas autumn skin tones have more prominent golden undertones. They usually have chestnut brown, strawberry red or auburn hair. There is less contrast between their hair color and skin tone as compared to winter and summer. Autumn skin tones are warm, deep and soft. Caramel, beige, tomato red, coffee – these all are warm hues associated with autumn tones.

People with autumn skin tones should go for a prom dress in olive, red, yellow, moss or emerald color. If you want a metallic dress, gold, bronze and copper would compliment you well. Avoid dresses with shades of blues, silver or whites.Also, avoid choosing a dress in black, as bright and sharp colors will make your skin complexion look pale and not in a good way.


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