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Dress Guide for Prom According To Body Shapes

Prom Dress Guide for Each Body Type

Not all dresses are made for everyone, and rightly so, since we all have a physique that’s unique and different from the rest. Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect dress for prom night, according to your body type. Read on.


Girls with a busty body shape tend to spend more time choosing a prom dress than others because they need to make sure they find something that would flatter their curves and is also comfortable.  A busty body shape has a large bust, narrow hips and a waist not properly defined. The key is to bring all the attention to your face, balancing the fuller upper body with your narrow hips. Choose a dress that would make your hip more prominent and add curves to it. Go with a halter dress with straps, as the straps would give support to your bust. If you want to show off your legs, so a cocktail dress would be great. However, make sure you do not get the hemline too short or it will make your upper body part look even bustier.


Apple-shaped body features a fuller bust and more weight around the torso, along with slim legs and an undefined waistline. All the beautiful women with apple shaped physique would want to go with a prom dress that draws attention to their bust, makes their torso look curved and draws little attention to midsection. They should not go for short dresses, as it will make their torso look more round. Empire waist dresses are perfect for such body type as they makes the torso look curved, while diverting due attention below the neck and making the hip line look prominent. A dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt will add a girly yet elegant touch. As for the neckline, plunging v-necks would add accent to your upper body and make it look alluring.


A pear shaped body has fuller hips, narrow waist and smaller bust. With such body type, your hips and waist are your best assets to flaunt. You would want to choose a dress that makes your chest look fuller, and draws attention to the waist, making your hips look balanced. Corset style dresses will do the magic. If you are not comfortable with them, you can always go for a strapless top, a-line skirt, or a top with open neck.


Girls with petite body shape are usually shorter, around 5ft-4inches tall. Petite body shape is more about the structure than the weight allocation. It refers to women with bodies with a smaller frame. It is a bit tricky to choose a dress with this body shape because you can be petite with long legs, you can be thick at your upper body and have a smaller waist. It is a mixture of all body shapes. Dresses with asymmetrical hemline will make you look taller if you have short legs. If you have short legs, full dresses and long skirts will not be able to add curves. Go for slim fitted dresses, with vertical prints and v-necklines, as they will make you look taller, delicate and add a feminine touch to your physique.


Such body type has a thin frame with little to no curves. You have a lean and long body structure. For such body shapes, empire waist dresses with asymmetrical necklines, or a slit dress will add curves to your body. You can accentuate your shape by choosing a dress with a waist belt.


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