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How to Select the Perfect Tuxedo for Prom

How to Select the Perfect Tuxedo for Prom

Prom’s coming and the ladies have probably already picked out their dresses! For a guy, choosing the right prom tuxedo is the likely the most difficult decision he’ll have to make – and it isn’t hard!  Be sure to order your tuxedo at least one month in advance. By ordering early you ensure you have the widest range of choices possible. Starting early also lets you spread the cost over a longer period of time.

If you have a date, determine how much coordination between dress and tuxedo is needed. Let her give you information about her dress and go for matching vest or tie with a complimentary tuxedo color. You want to look coordinated, but too much matching looks juvenile. Have some fun with this by considering sock color, pocket handkerchief, cufflinks or a lapel pin as possible matching items.

If you are going stag or with friends, you can let your imagination run wild! With the amount of variety in styles, colors, and cost, you will have no trouble finding something exactly right.

If you are looking for something that says “I’m too cool for conventional”, consider wearing a pair of the latest sneakers that match your accent color, or a skinny tie instead of the traditional bowtie. Looking for something entirely different? Try a patterned shirt with no vest and a solid, skinny tie to stand out.

Above all, make sure your tuxedo matches who you are – there will be lots of photo opportunities and you want to show off the true you. A light suit with a dark shirt can stand out in the crowd, just don’t go for the powder-blue 1970’s look. That has been overdone!

Take time to enjoy the process. Take friends along, or your date, and have fun!


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