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Maintaining Proper Body Language in a Beauty Pageant

Body Language: Dos And Don’ts for a Beauty Pageant

Beauty pageants are an ultimate display of your intellect, beauty, and your overall personality. You are selling yourself in front of all those watching you. Your body language is your essential weapon, and misusing it can break the deal for you.  Here are the dos and don’ts every girl contesting in a pageant must remember and work on to increase their chances of pleasing the judges the most.


  • How you stand matters a lot, so stand straight without slouching. Keep your shoulders aligned, but do not let them appear stiff. Keep your head high, and do not look down repeatedly – it will give off an idea that you are not confident enough.
  • Hand gestures gives off an aura of optimism and an accommodating personality. Make sure to incorporate them while you speak, but keep your hands above your waist and below your shoulders when gesturing. Closed hands behind the waist or up on the chest makes you look closed off, untrustworthy and nervous.
  • The first rule of any conversation is to maintain a constant eye contact, so it makes the person in front of you feel like you are paying attention to all that they are saying. When the judges ask you any question, maintain eye contact with them. Lack of eye contact makes one look disinterested, nervous and uncommitted, and as if they have something to hide.
  • Create your presence in the room by taking up the space, as in by moving, walking around as you speak, and using hand gestures. This will make you appear confident and commanding – contrary to how typically women are taught to behave.
  • Always keep a smile on your face, as judges seek friendly and welcoming faces. Do not frown or squint your eyes. Even if you do not understand something, try to keep your face straight with an assuring smile on it.


  • Do not make gestures that might make you look closed off to the judges. The judges look for friendly, outgoing and optimistic candidates and closing your arms across your chest or holding them behind you will make you look snobby and unavailable and might even cost you the pageant.
  • Keep your body relaxed and your knees firm. If you start feeling nervous, lock your knees by putting pressure onto them. This will help you keep your posture without you stumbling or feeling wobbly.
  • Film yourself before going on the stage. We make certain gestures that even we are unaware of, when we’re nervous. Film yourself and see if you make any. Repetitive movements, too much hand gestures, constant eye blinking – they all make you appear fidgety and distracts the viewers. If you find any, work on them before the final moment. Only through practice would you be able to overcome them as these actions are involuntary and it might be difficult to be aware of them.
  • Keep your hands off your face. Some people cover their mouth while talking and even during smiling. Do not do that. Stay confident, keep your hands away from your face or it will make you appear as you are lying in many cases.
  • Do not keep shifting your weight from one foot to another. Stand still and do not move back and forth unnecessarily. As it will distract the judges and make you look insecure about your position. Try to stay calm and still.
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