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Mother of the Bride Hosting a Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is the chance for a bride-to-be to spend time with her family and friends. Most of the times, the mother of the bride hosts a bridal shower for her daughter. Planning a bridal shower is a lot of work, which can make it slightly overwhelming because this event has to be memorable before the bride gets married and starts a new life.

There are so many different ways to throw bridal showers with so many themes. There are traditional ways of doing so or going for newer ideas, which can be extremely confusing for the mother of the bride.

Luckily, before planning a bridal shower, there are key things that the mother of the bride should keep in mind in order to have a successful and memorable bridal shower.

Making the Guest List

If this is a surprise bridal shower, the groom’s side and the bride’s family have to be involved. However, if it is not a surprise, the bride can help with coming up with a list. The mother of the bride must know that the bridal shower needs to include family, close friends, and co-workers. Keep in mind, the wedding shower invites must only go to those who will be invited to the wedding.

Setting a Date

The date of the bridal shower can be any day between two months before the wedding. If the shower is a surprise, the groom can help set a date, but if it is not, the bride can tell when she will be available. The most popular day for bridal showers is Sunday because everyone is off from work.

Picking a Theme

Picking a theme for the wedding shower will make it easier. This way the mother of the bride can get themed invites, decorations and other necessities for the shower. Some of the most popular bridal shower themes are romantic showers, household showers, lingerie showers or a tea-party shower. However, keep in mind; these are not all the themes. There is a ton of themes the mother of the bride can choose from.

Shower Invites

Once the date has been set, the wedding shower invites with an RSVP date must be sent out. The theme of the shower must be included and where the couple is registered. Some like buying gifts of the registry while others get personal gifts. Either way, there is no way someone can go wrong.

If the RSVP date approaches, but the mother of the bride has not received any replies, it is important to give people a call. People are always busy and forget to reply, but still show up to the shower. Knowing the right number of people attending the shower is important when planning the event.

Shower Favors

It is a bridal shower tradition to give each person a favor. The favor does not have to be something big, it can be something small. However, it must go with the theme of the shower.


Following these tips will make it easier for the mother of the bride to host a dream bridal shower for her daughter!

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