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Stress-free Wedding Day

Are you stressed about your big day? Well, you are not the only one. Every bride is extremely stressed before her wedding day; therefore, it is important that she practices methods that will allow her to be stress-free. Too much stressing can cause pimples and it messed up sleeping patterns, which is bad before your wedding day. We have the perfect way for you to be stress-free on your big day!  

  1. Have Everything Ready 

To make sure that you have a stress-free wedding day, make sure you know how much to pay each of the vendors that came to your wedding. Keep a spreadsheet that would have all the payment details so you do not have to waste too much time on this on your big day.  

  1. Don’t Make It Too Compact 

When you are making a wedding schedule, make sure you are not too strict with the time slots. Although it is necessary to have a clear schedule, limiting everything for 15 minutes or so can cause you to be stressed. You need to understand that sometimes things happen spontaneously so you need to leave room for that. 

  1. Extra Pair of Shoes 

Yes, you will be wearing the most beautiful heels on your wedding day, but wearing them for an extended amount of time can seem like torture. You do not want to go through the entire day limping, therefore, make sure you take a comfortable pair of flats so you can give your feet a break. Keep your shoes on for pictures and the big ceremony, but when you are going to dance, make sure you are comfortable.   

  1. Choose the Right Shoes 

Some beautiful heels have tendencies to give you a blister that is why before your wedding day, you need to wear your heels. Wear them around your house and make sure the shoes you will be wearing will be comfortable.  

  1. Wedding Day Survival Bag 

Having a survival bag on your wedding day could make a BIG difference. Your “survival bag” needs to include, extra make up & make up remover, hairpins, tweezers, mini sewing kit, super glue, eye drops, and floss. Having these items with you could –perhaps- make your wedding day a little less stressful. 

  1. Your Wedding Day Helper 

On your wedding day, everything can seem like the most stressful task ever. Whether it is wearing your corset or putting your dress on, you need to make sure you have a helper that could help keep you calm. If you are attempting this task all by yourself, you could potentially drive yourself crazy!  

Stay Calm 

The most important thing for any bride –on her wedding day- is to look glowing and happy. If there are stresses upon you, it will take your smile away on your big day. Try to stay away from any unnecessary stress and make sure you are making the most of your wedding day!  

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