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Style Guide for the Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride – Style Guide

Rightfully, on the day of the wedding, all the eyes are on the bride, but that does not mean that the mother of the bride is off the hook. The mother of the bride is the second most important person at the wedding (from the bride’s side). Therefore, it is crucial that the mother of the bride pays attention to what she is wearing.

The three things that a mother needs to keep in mind when she is looking for dresses are:

  • Color
  • Etiquette
  • Style


The thing that every mother needs to keep in mind that it is UNACCEPTABLE to wear the same colored dress as the bride. Therefore, the color white, champagne, or cream are out. Similarly, it is not okay to wear black as it is portrayed as a color of mourning. Although, wearing a black dress to the bridal party can be acceptable. Colors to avoid would be red, bright and flashy colors like that could make you seem like the center of attention rather than the bride.

Trends are always changing and the way the dress is styled could affect the color that you are choosing to wear. A smart choice is to go to the bride if there are any doubts about the dress.

Wearing a color from the same color palette at the bridal party is acceptable, but having a different shade could help you stand out. If there are any colors in the wedding theme, you could ask the bride for options as she could help you choose a good color that complements you.


The bride should always be talked to when the mother is going dress shopping. She may have some expectations for her mother, therefore; it is always good to ask.

The mother of the bride should always complement the bride’s choices. The mother needs to live up to the formal expectations. The mother can choose her outfit before the bride in respect for her daughter’s wedding. However, both the mothers (bride and groom’s) should talk to each other so there is no clash of outfits.


When choosing the style of the dress, keeping personality in mind is more important than “age appropriation.” There are many options available when it comes to the style of the dress that could allow the mother of the bride to look glamorous without looking too extra.

The most important thing for the mother of the bride is to reflect her spirit, not her age. Alterations such as sheer sleeves or lace to add a discreet décolletage allows you to look fashion-forward without overpowering the bride.

If you choose a dress that can be worn to other events as well, will be a good investment. Buying a good dress will make you feel good and will be rewarding as you can wear it easily on different occasions. Keep in mind; you can always get simple alterations to upgrade the dress if you want.

Final Word

The best thing to do is talk to the bride, as she will provide you with the best advice!


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