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Ways to preserve your wedding day moments and its memories

For Bride’s Mother – Ways to Freeze the Moment in Time

One memory that never fades away is of your girl’s big day, when she finally starts her own life with her partner. Being a mother, you may want to cherish that moment for the rest of your life, and hold onto every moment of the day. Here, we are sharing some ways you can freeze that moment in time and relive it again whenever you have a trip down the memory lane.

The Wedding Dress – Instead of giving it to someone or reusing it in some other way, keep it safe as it is, with the air of that day still infused in the dress, and the smell of perfume she wore. Keep it safe in a special box, wrapped in tissues and one-day hand it over to your daughter once again so she can pass it on to her daughter or her future daughter in law.

The Bride’s Bouquet – It may not smell as nice as it did on the day, but it will forever have the “feels” in it. You will want to hold your wedding bouquet throughout the ceremony. You can open up the bouquet and have the flowers dried and pressed individually, or you can collectively dry it out, and press it to have it framed. If you don’t want to get it framed, then maybe you can keep it in your wedding album.

Little Some things – For a sentimental bride, and even more sentimental mother of the bride, every little thing holds a special significance. This is why you may want to hold onto the little things, which made your wedding day big – your shoes, the hairpin, cake topper, champagne flutes, a broach on your dress, the earring you wore. Save them up in a box and keep it away to one-day pass it on to your daughter as heirloom or simply for someone else in your family to use.

The Invitation Card – Once all the invitations are sent out, keep one for yourself to have it framed or scrapbooked later on, as a reminder of where it all begun. It will make a great keepsake for you to look at for the rest of your life.

The Wedding Vows Promises stay forever, but for a keepsake that will remind you of your first words as a married couple together, wedding vows should be preserved in whatever way you had them written back then. Collect all the paper snippets and half-written word documents on your laptop that you created while looking for the perfect words. They will always remind you of that very moment, the nervousness and the anticipation to say the right words.

The Guestbook – Wedding is not complete without those whom you shared it with. In the moment, a guestbook may seem as a daunting task to take care of, but when all is said and done, you will want to hold onto it. It is a reminder of all the happy faces who made your day special. So, keep it safe.

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