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Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is the most important part of the entire wedding planning. Throughout the entire wedding, all the eyes are on the bride; therefore, it is crucial for the bride to get the dress of her dreams. There are so many wedding dress options and choosing the right one could seem overwhelming. While picking the dress, there are a few things every girl should keep in mind, take a look: 

DO NOT Schedule a Later Time 

The earlier you go for on scheduled trip the better it will be. Why? Because when you go early, you will have fresh and energetic bridal store staff. The staff will not seem to be annoyed. The morning time is when the store will not be crowded and you will have all the attention.   

DO Find the Dress That Has a Good Silhouette  

Details on your wedding dress are extremely important. However, before looking at the small details, you need to make sure, if the silhouette of the dress looks good. The best thing to keep in mind when choosing your dress is to put personal preference and flattering factors over what the latest trend may be. 

DO NOT Forget About the Dress Top 

A fancy hem on the dress is something to die for but you need to keep in mind that the top of your dress is what everyone will notice the most. The top will be in the majority of the pictures so you need to make sure that it slays.  

DO NOT Choose a Dress Based On Trends 

Just because a dress is trendy, does not mean that it is the perfect fit for you. Go through old photos and see what you like. Finding a gown that is timeless will be the best option, as it will allow you to feed modern yet traditional. A timeless gown will make you feel good about yourself and it is something that will always stay in style. 

DO Take Your Camera (If the Boutique Allows) 

Take a camera along with you when you are trying on your dress and take pictures of all the possibilities. This way you will be able to lay all the photos down and see which dress is the most flattering. Put all your trust in the mirror and snap away! However, before going make sure you call the boutique and ask if they allow taking pictures.  

DO Try on Many Dress 

Any dress can look beautiful on a hanger therefore, it is important that you try it on. Every woman has a different look and shape that is why each dress will look different on everyone. 

DO NOT Worry About the Sizes 

You do not need to worry about wearing a wedding dress that is bigger than your size. Wedding dresses usually run 2 or 3 sizes larger. Pay attention to what fits the best and rock the dress! 

Be You 

When you are choosing the best dress, make sure it is something that is a reflection of you. Do not go out of your comfort zone in order to live up to the trends or expectations.  

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